Totalview Benefits

Reduced operational efficiencies…when up to 80% of contact centre expenditures are directly attributable to agent staffing, putting the right number of agents having the right skill sets, in the right seats at the right time can dramatically reduce your operational costs; TotalView optimizes agent schedules to meet your service level objectives and occupancy levels, automates agent schedule and vacation bidding while reducing supervisor administration efforts and telephony network costs.

Drive customer loyalty…ensuring the right agent with the right skill sets is available at the right time when your customers call reduces queue wait times driving customer satisfaction and customer loyalty; fair and balanced schedules promotes agent satisfaction and a happy agent creates the right environment for a superior customer experience

Unparalleled decision making…automating the contact centre planning process through TotalView using different scenarios in a complex multi-site, multi-skill environment would otherwise be a time consuming task; TotalView provides a more comprehensive analysis of a broad set of data, means your decision making can be both more efficient and accurate.