Designing What’s Right for You – We’re Part of Your Team

Xentrax will help design all aspects of the solution – business case, procurement, design, deployment and on-going support tailored to your needs. Xentrax’s solutions are targeted and measured against your objectives and ROI requirements.

Solutions Deployment

The key to successful deployments is preparation.  Xentrax prepares for each deployment, testing applications in its lab and staging facility under multiple scenarios and telephony platforms before arriving on site.  In order to ensure your deployment is on time and on budget, Xentrax brings a proven implementation methodology comprising of:

  • Certified and experienced Project Management Professionals (PMBOK)
  • Project Controls: Detailed Statement of Work, (MS) Project Plan, Detailed Site Evaluation
  • Clearly defined milestones supported by regular project meetings
  • In-house testing of applications that replicate customer deployments
  • On-site implementation and customer product training (employing proven test plans)
  • Post project assessment review and customer sign-off

Ongoing Support

Xentrax offers flexible maintenance plans including 7 x 24 x 365 designed to go beyond simple break-fix support.  Xentrax’s maintenance plans include preventative support measures that include regular systems check-ups, and customer wellness visits.  Xentrax provides nationwide remote and on-site support.  Xentrax  tracks all incidences and maintains a knowledge base through our enterprise customer relationship management system.