Qfiniti Benefits

Drive customer loyalty…customer loyalty means listening and understanding what your customers are saying. Driving customer satisfaction through quality, customer feedback and analysis of their interactions with your company will keep you dialed into trends, risks, opportunities and breaking events so that you can keep your customers coming back thus increasing revenues.

Improved agent productivity…by identifying “blind spots” within an agent’s customer interactions agents and their leaders can create opportunities for success that drive key metrics such as increasing first call resolution and reducing call escalations, call durations and the demand placed upon infrastructure resources.

Reduced operational management…by removing the menial tasks associated with and otherwise required of your operational management staff in order to deliver a meaningful quality and performance improvement program not only drives efficiencies, but promotes a commitment to success by allowing your management team to focus on high yield activities – such as coaching their agents.

Reduced cost of ownership…Qfiniti™ has been designed from the ground up to sit on an a single open platform and to provide both physical and functional scalability – this means that the system will can be easily maintained, reducing integration efforts while ensuring that the system will grow with your enterprise; whether that growth occur as a result additional seats and sites or the result of new business requirements.